Ram Pool

Ram Pool – “The Highest Pool” is situated in the northern Golan Heights, near the villages of Majdal Shams and Misada, just ten minutes away from the Narkis Boutique Hotel. The pool’s water sources are a mystery, but according to many geologists, it is a collapsed volcanic crater. Many legends are linked to the round pool, whose clear, sweet water is nestled between mountains and hills in the heart of a rainy, unique region. According to one legend, the low hill adjacent to Ram Pool is called Jabl a-Sheikha (Sheikh’s Wife Hill), and north of that, at a height of 2,100 meters is Mount Hermon, known also as Jabl a-Sheikh (Sheikh’s Mountain). According to legend, the sheikh stopped loving his wife, after many years together, and Ram Pool is that woman’s tear-filled eye. The pool is the only water source for agriculture in the northern Golan Heights, and underneath it are natural springs. The entire region is covered in oak trees, and it serves as a large home for many animals; herds of gazelles, rabbits, foxes, wild boars and jackals roam the area.

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Hermon/Banias Reserve

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Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking – Each year, from mid-May through the end of June, everyone is invited to pick cherries and enjoy country meals and sweet tea. During the summer months, July-September, visitors can enjoy family outings picking wild berries, figs and other seasonal fruit.


Mount Hermon

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Nimrod Fortress

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Gamla Nature Reserve

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Majdal Shams

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